Duet Display
Duet Display

One of the most comfortable ways to surf the Internet is through a computer, having a monitor where the information is displayed very well, but more importantly, with very good quality. That is why two great technology geniuses came together to create a fantastic application.

Duet Display is an application for iPads that allows them to act as an accessory for Apple's iMac computers or another type of computer that has Windows greater than 7; In this way, through a single cable the iPad will function as a secondary display.

*Transmission: this application connects from the device to the computer through a cable, but not wirelessly, in this way ensures a secure transmission of images and virtually no lags to achieve a quality first.

*Performance: the application had a series of updates following its launch, the most important being the optimization of resource consumption by 80%, thanks to the algorithm created by its developers using a technology very similar to that of the iPad Pro.

*Screen partition: this application allows the iPad to run perfectly with iOS 9, which means that the screen can be split in half, so that any application is used in one of the halves, and in the other remaining managing the computer signal.

Duet Display has become one of the most useful apps in the workplace, allowing many investors and other users to exploit their functions to the fullest using multiple screens to develop different content at once.

Undoubtedly, the most outstanding feature of this fantastic application is its connection through the cable, assuring users a clear image, without any type of distortion or lags.

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