DU Recorder
DU Recorder

All of us who have smartphones know how easy it is to take a screenshot, it's the simplest and most usual thing; but when it comes to making a recording of the device's screen we are already talking about another story, that is why DU Recorder is the ideal application for this.

With DU Recorder you can easily perform the task of recording your screen if you want to show an application or even record your Fortnite games; Without a doubt this is the solution to your problems, this application also has many other functions that will surprise you.

*Simple: DU Recorder is a fairly simple to use application that allows you to record your phone's screen without any time limit and with the possibility of pausing or resuming the video, as well as being able to edit everything you have recorded.

*Stability: With this application you can record your videos with great stability and fluidity. Another advantage is that in addition to recording in 1080p you can do it at 60 fps. Also to give you more comfort you can remove parts of the video you do not want, add music, among many other things.

*Share: Through the DU Recorder you can share your recordings through YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and RTMP or if you wish it is also possible to broadcast live on the different platforms.

DU Recorder is the solution for those who were waiting for this ingenious idea. With this application you have in your hands the possibility of recording your screen as you always wanted and the best part is that it is free and without purchases within it.

This application is quite simple to use and you can choose between 20 languages ​​to use it. With DU Recorder you have the possibility to create high quality videos through a pretty colorful and friendly interface.

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