Currently speaking different languages to our subject language, more than a pastime, is a necessity, because it is so much cultural diversity that exists in the world that it is really important to learn to communicate with everyone, that is why we present the perfect application for such finish.

This is Drops, an application that will help you learn all the languages you want in a really interactive and fun way. Although their specialty is Asian languages, such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese; You can also learn the rest of the languages.

* New teaching methodologies: Drops has designed a really effective teaching method that we are sure will work with you. It is about visual teaching, that is, all the vocabulary you will learn you can associate with images that the application will provide you to fix the information faster.

* Languages: the application specializes mainly in Asian languages, something very important since there are very few applications that we can get in the market that focus fully on these important languages. However, it is possible to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, among many others.

* Learn several languages at the same time: one of the most exciting features of Drops is that it allows you to select more than one language to learn at a time, so you will not waste a second of your time.

Drops is one of the most complete application when talking about the language area, because with just one download and creating an account, users can put their brains to work with all the information provided by this fabulous tool.

In addition, one of the most striking things about this application is that people who already have some knowledge of a certain language have the possibility of presenting a test, in which the application will measure its level and indicate which line it should start.

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