Dream Walker
Dream Walker

Dream Walker is a game whose plot is to guide a sleepwalking girl through her increasingly complicated and challenging surreal dreams (the levels), your mission is to guide her to wake up from her dream and nightmare without dropping her and evading all the obstacles that may appear in your crazy imagination.

It is an interesting game since the story is funny, this is why it makes it an attractive game, besides the levels have a high degree of exciting difficulty that will capture your attention and you will not want to stop playing it.

*High Quality: The platform has a high resolution interface which makes the graphics are high quality, and guarantee a game with bizarre and fun scenarios so you can fully enjoy the game.

*Rhetoric: It is not a simple boring game that you finish quickly, Dream Walker contains a high level of complexity in each level which makes it difficult to overcome the obstacles of each phase, to win you will have to use all your skills.

*Innovative: Dream Walker has a unique story, different from the others, has a new and fun proposal that will catch your attention immediately once you start playing you can not stop until you complete all levels.

The challenge is to prevent Anna from falling off the cliff. Try to collect the largest number of butterflies and stars you can to unlock the next level. Surprise yourself with the scenarios and be thrilled with the music and 3D graphics, download Dream Walker and you will not be able to stop playing.

This application is available for free for Android and IOS, controls the movements of Anna by just touching the screen. Download it now and start having fun with this fascinating story.

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