When we browse the web many times we want to replace our photos with some image or character that represents us, either to protect our identity, or just for fun, that is why there are avatars.

In this opportunity we present Dollify, an application that ends up creating your own avatar or caricature, whose look and physique are customizable. They are super adorable dolls that will captivate you with their beautiful and big eyes and reflect your creative side.

* Appearance: this fabulous application allows users to create avatars and customize them to their style, by editing their facial features either to make them very similar to them or to other people, just for fun. In this sense, the application allows you to select between different types and colors of eyes, skin color, hair style and color, among many other options.

* Style: Dollify seeks to exploit to the maximum your sense of fashion and style, that is why the user can choose the clothes that his avatar will wear, combining different clothes to create the style that best suits his tastes.

* Synchronization: this application will allow you to share the material that you have created in the rest of your social networks, in this way your friends, family and other followers can see your avatar whenever you want.

Dollify is an adorable application that provides users with a moment of fun and creativity. The best of all is that it has no limits, because each user can create as many avatars as possible and using the styles that they like the most.

The application is completely free and it is available in the Play Store for Android devices, and in the App Store for iOS devices. Do not think twice and download Dollify, so you can start creating as many avatars as you wish.

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