Many people are puppy lovers, since there is nothing better than when you get home and you see your 4-legged furry friend waiting so fondly to jump on you, but everything is not so simple we know how complicated it is is to train your pet that is why you will be interested in this application.

Dogo is a very useful and fun application which will help you to train your puppy, it is an interface full of colors and quite easy to handle which will guide you so that your pet obeys you in a pleasant way. for you as for your dog.

*Interface: Its interface is great because it is colorful and easy to use, once you download it, the first thing it will do is give you a small tutorial about how to handle the application along with some eye-catching and fun illustrations.

*Style: Dogo has the style of a social network where you create a profile to your hairy little friend, you can take a picture and place it as his avatar and enter his data such as name, color, age, race, among others.

*Training plan: It has the best plan to train your pet, everything is well explained. The first thing is a kind of marker that produces a sound and thus keep your pet's attention, you can give him rewards when he does something right.

*Levels: Dogo has a section of tricks which has different levels depending on the difficulty, ranging from puppy to sensei. It has challenges and weekly games to complete.

When you download Dogo you can enjoy pleasant moments with your pet since he has more than 50 sessions in his training plan. You must bear in mind that the way your pet progresses will take time and effort, but with a little patience it will pay off.

This application is in several languages, you can get it for free on your Android or IOS devices, create the profile of the pet, basic training and your first exam, if you want to continue the training you must become a Premium user paying some subscriptions.

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