Disney Magic Kingdoms
Disney Magic Kingdoms

In what refers to applications of creation of cities, we always have the same theme of building buildings, houses, shops, services, among other elements that give us a reward either in money or a special currency to continue with our utopia.

But the recurrence of these applications is that they always try a city, that's why Disney Magic Kingdoms breaks this routine and jumps to the construction of a recreational park with the integration of the favorite characters and celebrities of the Disney world.

Updating every moment integrating new characters, enjoy a 3D world completely with a lot of interactive content. Share with friends and compete with them to see who has the best Disney park.

*Guide at all times: since it would be difficult to start alone in this empty park, from the beginning you are guided by the same Merlin Wizard, dictating what you should do and when you spend some time when you are more located always warns you of notifications and suggestions of the game.

*Unique attractions: being exclusive content of Disney, you can see special attractions such as the special mountain characteristic of Disney parks, the house of siras of Monsters S.A. and many more.

*Disney characters: in this park you will find iconic characters such as Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Bell, Rapunzel and many more. Each one has different missions, which will be enough to feel satisfied with each and every one of them.

*Planned history: it is not a simple park where you must maintain a group of characters. As you advance and unlock characters, villains like Zurg, Mother Gothel and Pete are added. These must be overcome and subsequently the story extends.

When you do missions, you receive potions and stars in exchange, the stars help you level up and the potions are the kind of currency you earn in the game. To buy special content you can use red diamonds but these are acquired in the integrated purchases of the game.

It is not an action game, it is more referred to the free to play since you must go building because in the end that is the goal, passing missions and unlocking characters to continue with the story. You must go collecting and adjusting to level up.

Graphically it is very attractive because if 3D presentation of the environment and the characters captivates a lot of attention. At first the map is very small but as you go forward you can unlock new areas where you will find more missions and characters.

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