If you are one of those who like video games, who can spend hours behind the screen without getting bored, you will always need a good chat to be able to communicate with your friends. It does not matter if you're someone who likes to play or who sees other people playing, Discord will help you chat with others as you share your experience.

This application is ideal for those players who need to communicate better and plan good strategies since this way they can make a voice with their friends while they are in full play. Another benefit is that this application is the best way to start or join communities because many players use it to communicate with their fans.

* Use: With this application you can communicate with others while you play, it is very easy to use, you just have to download Discord and create an account, then you can create your own community or join others.

* Design: This application is designed especially for players, you can use it through web browsers either Windows or Android like MacOS, iOS and Linux.

* Useful: It is considered a useful application because you can plan strategies with your friends in games that are survival games for example and your opponents will not find out. You can join the channels, use their servers, and the best part have fun while sharing the same experience with people from all over the world.

With the Discord app you can chat with others, send videos, images, audos, emojis and even GIF. It is very easy to obtain this application, you just have to follow few download steps and continue with your installation.

With Discord you can link your accounts with other platforms such as Xbox Live, Twitch, Battle.net, Spotify, Facebook, Steam, Twitter, Youtube and Reddit; In this way, you can share your accounts with others and where they can get you.

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