One of the current needs is the constant use of passwords in almost all aspects of our lives as it gives us security, with Dashlane you will simplify yourself day by day by not having to remember hundreds of passwords thanks to its services simplifying the chore.

This application is simply a password manager that has two essential objectives, the first is to securely store all the passwords related to the web that you are registered and the last but not the least is to store all our important information for the use of forms etc.

*Installation and registration: you will need an updated version of Chrome or Firefox to be able to synchronize your credentials between all your computers and in such a way to have the information at hand in any situation where you need it.

*Everything on your site !: One of the advantages of the program is the organization that it has to guarantee effectiveness in the management of the product with the help of the use of 3 categories or classifications such as: Personal data, Internet accounts and Online shopping.

*Security Dashboard: one of Dashlane's highlights options whose mission is to check the security level of each of the active passwords in your various accounts, if the level of security is too low, it will notify solutions thanks to the fact that the program has built-in a generator of safe and random passwords.

If you have any doubt how safe Dashlane is, do not worry! The program works by transmitting the information in a specialized encryption (AES), which is a specification of the electronic registration for greater stability and thus obtain the tranquility and comfort of the user.

What are you waiting for? Make use of this wonderful tool to increase your productivity and without any effort, just by sliding your finger discover new opportunities that will help you in your daily routine.

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