Dancing Line
Dancing Line

Dancing Line is where you can exercise and perfect your skills, overcoming obstacles in different scenarios, in addition, the best of all is that you do it with music to inspire you and have a good vibe through the trails of the game.

Its magnetism lies in its simplicity that makes you spend a lot of fun, enjoying passing levels getting difficulty in them little by little, discovering new rhythmic skills.

If you are ready to live this wonderful experience you just have to download it at this moment and create your own bubble where you will only be and the application that will help you to forget the daily stress. Let yourself be carried away by the fun and download it now!

*Simple: the mechanics of the game is totally simple, it is only a line that started moving at the beginning of the game where you direct it by touching the screen of your mobile to avoid obstacles that appear along the way.

*Scenarios: has different scenarios not lacking imagination and grace that goes from distant worlds of the universe to unknown landscapes in the sea. Remember that each of them is accompanied by a clue that will encourage you to pass each level.

Make the continuous line grow even more and collect the coins to add life in which they will determine the course of the games and that will influence the creation of the levels but if it is too difficult to remember that there is the option to restart and improve in your games.

Concentrate at every moment to avoid some kind of danger as the line will grow as the game progresses, go completing the level little by little but it reaches the control points to start again from there, if you hit something or fall to the empty.

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