Cymera is a fairly complete application in which you can give your photos a touch to turn them into a true work of art; with 4 capture modes, 7 different lenses, effects and filters gives you the possibility to make a professional range of photos.

Although she comes designed to edit "portraits", it is considered one of the most complete applications for photographs, it is available for devices with IOS and Android operating system.

* Interface: It has a very intuitive interface the first time you open the application two screens will appear, where you will have all the necessary information to know the icons that are placed within your reach.

* Edition: This application has a variety of tools to adjust the photo to suit the user, you can cut, rotate, modify the brightness, contrast and saturation of your favorite photographs. One of the most outstanding features of this application is that it has 21 basic filters that are always searched for as summer, retro and clear; 29 "light" filters where the famous ones are found: rainbows, rain and vignette. It also has 23 frames to decorate your photos.

* Beauty: Without a doubt this is the strongest feature you have since in this item you can edit features such as eyes, mouth, skin thanks to facial recognition. You can also edit the body by making it thinner, wider and give a personalized touch with the "liquefy" option.

Cymera has more than 100 million downloads and is considered a very good alternative when choosing a photo editor, it is easy to access it.

This application is free of invasive advertising, is completely free, is a fun application that gives a fresh look to your photos and is aimed at users of all ages.

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