Crossy Road
Crossy Road

Not always the success of a game is based on how complicated it is or if it has a good story, sometimes simplicity with good and attractive themes may be enough. Especially those games that have only a science of gameplay and most of all it's about setting records.

All these characteristics are possessed by Crossy Road, a game that starts from one of the most famous questions in the world: Why did the chicken cross the street? Join the adventure of avoiding the worst traffic with your little hen at the start of the game.

Collect money and get other characters to set a record, moving forward with only small jumps that one by one add up the total distance traveled. With a Minecraft style setting, enjoy 3D graphics and ambient sound appropriate to each scenario.

*Obstacles: each setting has different obstacles, in the transit tracks of cars can also change the models of these. It crosses river areas whose only zone of passage are trunks of trees or crocodiles (depending on the scenery), besides dodging the trains in the railroads.

*Many characters: although at first you start with a chicken, as you advance in the game you can acquire new characters ranging from penguins to aliens; Either you buy them with coins or you win them to the Tsar.

*Daily gifts: for a daily visit to the application you can choose a gift: a surprise box from which you can get a certain amount of money or special characters that you can not buy with coins.

When you begin to play, the aerial camera moves forward and it is your duty to advance at the top of jumps so that you will not be taken by the eagle that appears when the camera leaves you behind. Slide sideways to jump left or right; Slide back to return and to move forward just touch the screen.

Accumulate money by collecting the coins you find on the road, in the same way with daily gifts you can get a certain amount of money from time to time. Each character is unique because when jumping they can emit a characteristic sound or even make a gesture every so often.

The game ends when you are hit by the camera, you are hit by a vehicle or you fall into the water.

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