There are many tools that allow to expand knowledge, and it is not unreasonable to say that most are online. Thanks to the internet millions of people around the world have had the opportunity to complement their knowledge in different areas.

Hence, Coursera's raison d'etre, a virtual education platform developed by Stanford University, whose objective is to provide courses on different areas of knowledge to the world's population.

* Modalities: the courses offered in this wonderful educational platform have two modalities, paid and free.

* Duration: the duration of these courses varies between 4 and 10 weeks.

* Audiovisual material: Like any classroom course, Coursera offers its students all the tools they need to carry out the learning process in an appropriate way. In this way, all have audiovisual material at their disposal.

* Tests: each student has the option to present tests to measure the knowledge that has been acquired in the platform.

* Strategies: Coursera has a very well structured curriculum, so students should do weekly exercises, tasks that will be corrected and even final projects.

* Languages: this application is available in many languages besides English and Spanish.

* No complications: Coursera is not a course that imposes study schedules, on the contrary, it adapts to the availability of each person taking into account that most of the users who subscribe are adults or seek higher education.

Coursera has gained much popularity due to the wide range of options offered to its students. In this way, thousands of users around the world have taken this application as an ally when it comes to preparing academically.

One of the aspects that most appeals to the audience is that since it is an educational program designed by computer technicians from the prestigious Stanford University, it issues certificates once the user finishes each course.

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