Cocktail flow
Cocktail flow

Cocktail flow is an ideal platform to learn how to prepare fun, delicious and different drinks, you will be the soul of the party after you become a true bartender with this great application, all this is possible with cocktail flow since we offer you a wide and varied menu of possible mixes and drinks that will make your parties a sensational event.

It is a very practical and easy to understand application and you will not have to pay expensive bartender classes since cocktail flow offers you a very simple and fun platform to use, it has different options so you can obtain a satisfactory result, which will be a delicious drink.

*Didactic: Cocktail flow is a didactic application because it offers you a wide list of recipes of different cocktails and drinks explained step by step so you can do it from anywhere like practicing from home, make mixes for an event or in your own parties.

*Adaptive: It is a platform that was designed with a broad view of users, that is why one of its qualities is that it is adaptive since it is ideal for beginners in the subject, as well as experts and with high experience, since allows you to improve your skills and memorize new mixes.

*Dynamic: It is considered that cocktail flow has a dynamic factor among its qualities as it offers the option of creating a mix with what you have available in your cupboard so you can create unique drinks and your style, as well as shows you the drink that you can prepare with what you have at hand.

Cocktail flow is a very complete application that offers different search filters such as color, type of cocktail, size of the glass, among others that adapt to your style and needs, it is a very useful advantage if you are organizing a party with a particular color or theme because according to your search we will show you specifically those that best suit your wishes.

Cocktail flow is a totally free and available application for your iOS or Android device, do not wait for more download Cocktail flow and be the soul of the party that your techniques of personalized and improved mixes. You can also access it without an internet connection.

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