CNN News
CNN News

Keeping ourselves always informed of what is happening in the world is something really important, for that, having access to real and first-hand information is talking about CNN PLUS, a digital platform that gives you detailed information.

Although there are many applications in the market for this purpose, CNN News does not stop positioning itself in the first places as one of the best, not to say the best, since thanks to its interface it has become the favorite of the users.

* Live broadcast: leaving the TV at home will no longer be a problem, because that is just the reason for CNN News, to provide viewers with the news at the moment they occur from wherever they are.

* Notifications: like any application, CNN News sends notifications to its users every time an important news is generated, so that you will not lose even a single piece of information about what is happening in the world.

* Photo gallery: within the platform, users not only have access to the live broadcast, but also to the image gallery, where photos of all kinds of news generated around the world are stored day after day.

One of the most interesting aspects of this application is that it does not require the creation of a user and password to access, so users have access to the news from the moment the application completes its download.

CNN News is a totally free application that is available in the Play Store for Android mobile devices, and in the App Store for devices that operate under the iOS system. Follow the link that we leave you in this article and stay always informed.

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