Let's accept it girls, when that "Day" of the month arrives we feel uncomfortable and insecure with respect to the period, and to take control with the help of an agenda is not really practical at all since it creates bulk in our bags causing a great problem to the time to leave.

But with the application specialized in women's health, that's from the past, with Clue always carrying with you a diary of your rule which helps you have more control and knowledge related to your menstrual cycle and even know how your ovulation cycle works.

Why is it useful? Mainly because it offers us the possibility of anticipating when menstruation will arrive, allowing us to be forewarned regardless of where we are or the activity we are doing. It is also a good record if you want to get pregnant.

*Design: its design is not at all conventional, thanks to the fact that it uses neutral colors giving the interface a fresh and innovative style, facilitates its use in a practical, simple and effective way.

*Account: to access the application you need to register through your Facebook or Google account but it also gives you the option to use your email account but you can still use the services without needing an account, of course some options They will be limited or restricted.

*Monitoring of your health: where you will receive medical evaluations related to the symptoms you have and advice, apart from being part of group conversations for more information. Based on the answers you have given (on the duration of the cycle, your premenstrual symptoms or the date of your last rule), the application will be making a calendar.

It is clear that with the use of Clue you will not limit yourself to do what you want or be where you want by means of this medium where you will get advice and medical monitoring for your peace of mind that at the same time will notify predictions as you advance the month of how you will feel.

This application is a help when going to your gynecologist because it is already a specific diary symptoms that otherwise you would not have noticed, obtaining a more accurate diagnosis.

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