Citymapper is an application that contains transport routes, making it ideal for all those who move in the city on public transport, as it offers complete and useful information about the existing route possibilities at the moment.

First, a map of the area where the user is at that moment is shown, followed by a slightly smaller map that reflects the subway tracks of that city and finally we will have a route time calculator.

*Speed: this application has one of the fastest interfaces that exists. It allows users to mark their route or location and upload everything in half the time that other apps would.

*Operation without data: in Citymapper it is not necessary that you are connected to the data or to the network, because the app loads the routes automatically.

*Types of media: one of the most important aspects in this app is that the routes are marked depending on the means of transport that the user selects, which can be: car, subway, bicycle, motorcycle, public transport or on foot.

*Calculation of time: obviously, any route map must be able to calculate the time it takes the trip, and citymapper is not the exception, since it has a time calculator, which varies depending on the type of transport.

*Free: this is an application that users can obtain completely free of charge in the different electronic stores.

*Design: what makes users love to use citymapper is its simple design of neutral colors, pleasing to the eye. Not to mention how easy it is to use it.

Citymapper has become an ally for adventurers who want to explore new places in the big cities of the world, and this is where we see a small disadvantage, because this app is available only to Barcelona, Madrid and other famous cities in the world.

Despite its lack of expansion by the rest of the world, users who are in these areas claim to be very satisfied with the performance of the application and even say they prefer it over google maps, one of the most famous route apps.

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