Representing a great company in the market, it is considered the best navigator until the moment. Google's browser, Chrome, may not be one of the lightest on the mobile platform but it has a lot of agility for the large number of functions it has. It is one of the best known worldwide and therefore has millions of downloads.

It is compatible with most websites and offers both the mobile version and the desktop version for pages with this feature. A very dynamic user interface that allows easy use of the application. A free movement and easy to handle in regards to the navigation tabs, it has a good download manager that even gives you the option to download videos from web pages while they allow it.

In addition to having full synchronization in what accounts Google like Gmail, Drive, Google Play Games, among others.

*Full browser: it has the same tools as the desktop version, the way it has its tabs, the variety of bookmarks, private browsing, among other features.

*Perfect to synchronize: if you use Google Chrome in your browser then you will automatically synchronize data such as search histories, navigation, search form competition and favorites that you add in the desktop version will be reflected in the mobile version and vice versa.

*Adjustments to the measure: in the browser settings section we will find items such as configuring the search engine, privacy, accessibility, configuration of websites and all the information you need about the browser.

*Smart tabs: if you were browsing and you went directly to the desk of the phone, when you open the browser will direct you to the last place where you were, even if you spent a lot of time without using the phone or restarted. On the other hand if you have an empty tab will appear the most visited sites (including those of the computer browser) and news related to the searches you have done.

To be able to release all the features of the Google browser for mobile phones it is essential that you have an Android device, since due to its origin it brings more benefits when it is used. It is closely related to the search of Google by voice since at the time of entering the specific page it is opened with the Chrome browser and the same results are looking for the information in any of the parts.

In Android phones is installed by default, you can consider the option to keep the factory version or update to the latest one; just remember that the best features come in the updates. If you are in an incognito navigation tab, an icon that allows you to close said tab or tabs in case you have several at the same time automatically appears in the notification bar.

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