Card Wars Kingdom
Card Wars Kingdom

If you are a fan of Adventure Time, you will go crazy with this game that they bring for you, Do you want to accompany Finn and Jake in this new adventure?, You should know a bit about it if you like the series a lot, there is no doubt that with this application you have hours of fun.

If you are not a fan of the series or have not considered the details, Card Wars appears in Adventure Time and is one of the favorite games of Jake the dog; That's why Cartoon Network.

* Story: Card Wars Kingdom is based on an episode of Adventure Time where Jake presents a very fun card game with which he is obsessed. The game is as exciting and entertaining as it is shown in the series, it will surely end up being one of your favorite games.

* Introduction to the game: When obtaining Card Wars Kingdom Jake is going to give you the rules of the game and before playing a real battle you will be able to practice until you fully understand the dynamics of the game. The game is about magic and funny warriors.

* Game Dynamics: The idea of the game is similar to most card games that are action, defend your kingdom with your team of warriors. The warriors appear in the cards that you can choose and thus you establish a strategy to protect your kingdom and win the cards of your opponent.

Card Wars Kingdom is the favorite action game for those who love Adventure Time since it has the same color as in the series, the same fun and entertainment. This game is not dedicated to a specific audience because it can catch anyone from the smallest to adults.

You can get this game for free and play it at the time you prefer from your favorite mobile device, if you want to have improvements in the game you can make purchases with your cards.

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