Card Thief
Card Thief

Card games are not very popular on mobile devices however they are still a great bet for the developers of these types of games. Card Thief is one of the best alternative games to work on creativity.

This game was made based on the popular PC game that everyone at some point in our lives have come to play, nothing more and nothing less than the famous "Solitaire". This time we will maneuver a thief who tries to steal a large amount of treasure without being discovered.

*Design: This adventure will undoubtedly surprise you because it has a design that will get you straight to the dark Middle Ages. What makes it an incredible visual proposition for players.

*Interface: Accounts with an interface where your board of 9 cards will be in which your mission is to guide the thief in the most appropriate way to obtain the exit. For that, you must make a limited number of movements to be able to exhaust the cards on the board.

*Elements: As you make your moves the guards will want to catch you, you must avoid being trapped and steal everything you can. There are essential elements that you must steal to make your escape easier. If you manage to successfully complete the thefts you can unlock up to 12 team cards.

Card Thief is an amazing game that you can get for free besides you can enjoy even if you are not connected to the Internet. Do not miss the opportunity to live this fun experience and download this wonderful game.

Be the fastest with your movements since each game lasts 2 to 3 minutes, unlocks all the possible sites so you can make masterful robberies to find new cards. Run and get Card Thief on your favorite device.

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