Canvas Student
Canvas Student

This wonderful application is dedicated to the modern student and teachers, with Canvas you can keep the order of your tasks. This application is about a service based on a cloud, students and teachers can interact through their mobile devices and is adapted to the needs of each of its users.

With this system offered by Canvas, students must download this application in order to review, read and even listen to the comments made by teachers about each course or lesson. Through this application the tasks will be presented and they will be able to visualize their qualifications, among other tools that it offers.

* Canvas Students: This is the official Canvas app the online service that gives you useful tools for teachers and students. By means of this the delivery of tasks is facilitated, to share qualifications, to present evaluations and much more

* Easy to use: When opening this application you must enter the school you attend and the data for registration, once you complete these steps you can verify your subjects and you will have access to the registered courses. It is a very easy way to interact with your teachers.

* Other tools: Through Canvas you can also install other useful tools from your App Center, you can find Khan Academy, MyLab, Google Charts, among others that make the learning process much easier.

This application is ideal to leave behind the times of tests and tasks written by hand where time and money are lost; With Canvas you will have all the necessary tools for learning in one place.

Through any mobile device that has Canvas Student you can visualize your grades, the task calendar, present tasks, send and receive messages from your teacher, hold debates, watch videos, make evaluations, listen to audios; You also receive notifications automatically when there is a new update in the course.

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