Calendario Menstrual
Calendario Menstrual

My Calendar is an application for the menstrual cycle of women, which allows them to introduce all relevant aspects of that time of the month in order to provide them with useful information, tips and reminders each time their period approaches.

It is one of the simplest apps in terms of database, it is really easy to use and understand. In addition, it has conversation forums with users from all over the world where they share their experiences, advice and motivation.

*Pet: this useful application has three animals that play the role of your pet. You must choose one of them which will be responsible for notifying you everything related to your menstrual period, so that every time you are going to enter some data you should touch it.

*Design: My Calendar has a very tender and feminine design, pleasing to the eye, which makes it perfect for women of delicate style.

*Approach notices: an extremely important aspect in this type of apps is the fact that it notifies users about the dates when the period is approaching and my calendar is not the exception, because some days before it issues a warning to avoid accidents.

*Count delays: besides notifying you when your period approaches, my calendar counts the days of delay of your period.

*Calculation of fertile days: due to the large amount of data you can enter in this app, it is able to determine the exact dates of your fertile days, which allows you to take precautions in sexual activity or otherwise take advantage of days for conception.

My calendar has become an indispensable ally for millions of women around the world, who prefer it over other apps due to its tender design and simplicity. Certainly this app is really easy to use.

Thanks to the conversation forums that can be accessed from the same application, women have found a way to vent, make new friends, share personal anecdotes as well as advice that might be useful for other women.

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