Bubble Witch Saga 3
Bubble Witch Saga 3

Since the beginning of videogame time, one of the categories that became a legend were the puzzles. Since joining objects by their shape or size, the idea of managing them to achieve a greater number of points based on a long amount of movement has always represented a challenge.

So now these games are not despised, their success will depend on the surprise elements that developers introduce to make the idea of the puzzle more attractive. The developer King has been very successful with juices of this type and Bubble Witch 3 saga is no exception.

A very interactive game application that introduces a theme very different from the one seen in the famous Candy Crush, of course without leaving the original on one side despite being from the same developer. Have fun with the new characters, history and game modes that this incredible application brings you.

*Unique characters: a very young sorceress is the protagonist of the story, having friendly characters such as what refers to the cat with boots and a small Ada. This time the villain is a white cat with brown spots that is also considered a sorcerer.

*Simple plot: at the beginning of the game, you can see the little Ada hovering around an atmosphere in the best Halloween style but suddenly the cat spells her and places her in a kind of glass spherical prison and kidnaps her, escaping leaving tracks that represent the different levels of the game; is when the sorceress comes out and listens to Ada's cry for help and begins the search.

*Same mechanism of work: despite having a theme very different from Candy Crush Saga, behaves in the same way to advance by levels depending on the conditions that each requires and even reach a minimum of one star of the 3 allowed for move forward regardless of what is requested.

Despite practically having the same purpose, the game is very interactive: now you must not simply move an object of the same color to match it with a minimum of two, but the sorceress sends the available color sphere with her wand. the address where your notes of a cluster that is at the top.

This cluster is formed in turn by colored spheres that with the help of the element that you place, will transform this group of spheres into a bird that adds to your level of punctuation. This cluster can vary its form, from inverted triangles to abstract forms; without leaving aside the essence of the game.

You have a number of spheres that will change their color alternately, the idea is to get as many points using the least amount of spheres and with the help of a directional beam you can achieve this task.

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