Today there are many people who have developed their own brands through the use of social networks, being the means of communication with greater reach in the world at the moment. But getting to position yourself in the market is not an easy task, for that you need certain tools that in this section we will share with you.

Brandbassador is an application that is responsible for returning brand ambassadors to all people who wish to obtain material benefits and be influencers. All this is carried out through the use of your social networks, promoting all kinds of products to your friends and followers.

* Registration: it is very important to start this article explaining what the registration in Brandbassador consists of. Once the user downloads the application to their mobile device, they will have to fill out a form to create a profile; This profile should be linked to all your social network accounts, since the system's operation works by adding up the number of friends and followers you have in each of them. After this step, you can continue with the missions.

* Missions: Brandbassador trains its ambassadors through certain assigned missions, all of them very simple and related to the management of their social networks. For example: the first mission that will be presented to you will be choosing a product from a brand, photographing it, uploading it to your social network, tagging the application and then the Brandbassador team will analyze the quality of your image and the reactions of your followers; If it's good, the application will publish your photo on your page and that's how the positioning begins.

* Material Benefits: when we talk about material benefits we refer to all the products, clothing and items that you could receive from the brands when you become an ambassador.

Nowadays, becoming an influencer is the dream of many, but very few know the steps to follow to achieve it. With Brandbassador you do not have to worry anymore. This application will work as your personal manager and help you get what you want.

Download it for free on the App Store or Play Store and try it out. This is your opportunity to venture into the world of social networks, with the help of the best brands worldwide.

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