Bored button
Bored button

Bored Buttonis a fun puzzle game that you should undoubtedly have on your smartphone, just touch the "boring button" to start the fun; You will have an incredible selection of puzzles where you can remain hours stuck on the screen.

This entertaining game puts your puzzle skills to the test, you can choose the one that seems funniest, the one that fits your interests or that looks more striking for your liking and also with the different scales of difficulty, you will end up being all a puzzle expert.

*Interface: Its interface is simple and when you get the application you start a puzzle in a random way and the game gives you a brief explanation of how it can be played, it has some pretty colorful graphics and the mechanics to solve the different puzzles are very easy to understand.

*Puzzle: The puzzles are varied and can be found with a mix of several classics such as: Tetris, Connect Four and a version of the popular card game UNO.

*Levels and variety: Their levels vary depending on the difficulty of the games, ranging from the easiest to major challenges. One of the most great features of Bored Buttonis that you have the possibility to change the game in the same application, that is, you have a variety of puzzle-style games without having to download several applications and take up much more space on your devices.

Bored Button updates every week with new games therefore you will never be shy of using this application, you can even several and solve puzzles online. By touching the red button you will end your hours of boredom.

You can get this application on any device that has an Android or iOS operating system, its download is free and easy to perform. Bored Buttonhas good ratings from its users.

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