Boomerang is an application created by Instagram as a complement to its functions, which serves to capture moments in a much more creative and fun way in just a few seconds.

The application is available for Android or iOs mobile devices completely free of charge in the different electronic stores, and with just a touch the users can create videos with boomerang effect.

* Boomerang effect: when we talk about boomerang we refer to the effect generated by that object in reality, so with this wonderful application, users do not get photos or videos, instead a succession of looping photos that are repeated is achieved . It is possible that this is confused with a gif, but in reality they are different.

* Repetition: one of the aspects that make the super original boomerang is that in the succession of images, when you reach the last one, it automatically returns to the first image without generating an abrupt effect, as with gifs.

* Simplicity: this application as an add-on to Instagram has a fairly simple interface so it is not necessary to create an account to use it.

* Automatic saving: when the user finishes capturing the burst of images, the application saves the boomerang in the gallery of the device so it is not necessary to select any other download or saved option.

* Option to share: because boomerang represents a kind of extension of the social network Instagram, it has a share button that leads directly to the instagram account of the user or to the session that is open on that device.

A really important aspect that has made boomerang become one of the most used applications in the last year is that it certainly does not capture videos, so the burst of images that are obtained at the end does not contain any kind of sound.

In this way, Boomerang completely changed the style that was customary among Facebook users, giving them a fun and very easy to use tool to make their accounts a little more original.

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