The Blinkist application is web and mobile, it proposes readings which are in minibook format. The Blinkist readings are classified by topics and in turn is divided into small chapters of quick reading. With Blinkist you can get the knowledge of an entire book in just 15 minutes.

This application has a fairly extensive library and allows you to choose from more than 2000 texts and the best thing is that they are non-fiction; So if you want to save time but at the same time read a good book Blinkist is for you, do not hesitate to download it.

* Catalog: In Blinkist you can find a good catalog of different works divided into various categories such as: Science, politics, business, history, careers, happiness, health, self-help. All these books summarized and with the strictly essential in their pages so you can read them in the shortest possible time.

* Reading time: In each book that shows you Blinkist will indicate the time it may take you to read it, you can also see as an attachment the biography of the author and a link available eBook or iBooks if you want to purchase the text in its full version.

* Tools: Blinkist gives you the right tools to facilitate reading, you can mark your favorite books to add them to a personal list, customize the font size and highlight the content you consider of interest. Blinkist gives you three ways to organize your readings: By category, novelty or selection of editors.

In short, what Blinkist wants for its users is to summarize the books you are looking for, divide them into small topics and make them more accessible for everyone, without a doubt something very useful for people whose time does not allow them to read a very extensive text or also for students looking for specific topics.

There is always a book that you are interested in reading but you will not always have enough time to dedicate it; that's why Blinkist is a great tool easy to use and very useful, in only 20 minutes you can get knowledge.

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