If you are one of those who love mobile video games you must download BadLand. This is a game developed by the Frogmind group; He has won more than 9 awards and has won the number one spot as the most downloaded game in 32 countries. Undoubtedly an incredible game, the favorite of many of the app stores.

This game is a combination between adventure and beautiful landscapes with soothing sounds. What is happening in the land of BadLand ?, the game is telling you an amazing story where the player must go discovering it while progressing in the levels. So do not waste time and find out yourself.

* Adventure: BadLand is a game that develops in a magical land, full of color, unknown forests and monstrous creatures; although everything seems calm something strange happened on this earth and because of this there are many dangerous traps, sharp objects, mechanical saws, and many other things that you will find on your way which you must dodge to complete all these levels loaded with action and adventure.

* Levels: BadLand is a game that has more than 100 levels full of adventure and with different degrees of difficulty. These levels are divided according to the days you have been inside this magical land, as you complete the days the difficulty increases. You can play BadLand individually or multiplayer.

* Characters: The character you start the game with is a small, flying monster that you control by touching the screen, as you advance along the way you will find chemical bubbles that will change the shape of your character. Sometimes the bubbles will make you bigger, sometimes smaller, sometimes heavier, sometimes multiply the character by making you play with many small monsters, everything is depending on the level you are at.

BadLand is a very entertaining game, it is something that is a favorite of many people in different parts of the world; you can play BadLand alone or you can challenge and compete against up to 4 friends where you must demonstrate your skill and speed to complete the levels and be the winner being the first to reach the goal.

This game is available for Android and iOS. In the Play Store you can get your free version, however the iOS version does not, although its price is quite low only $ 0.99 you must pay to enjoy this incredible game on your devices.

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