The way in which photos are currently taken has changed a lot, the opportunity to have camera phones on both sides of the camera allows us to take many photos from any angle. But we are not always in the correct position or with the provision of light that makes us take the best picture that we feel.

Since the selfies became fashionable, almost everywhere at all times we see a person taking one either herself or with a group; Whether using your hand, using a monopod or in front of a mirror, the idea of the selfie continues to stand out today.

Thinking about it, applications have been created that implement different tools ranging from light filters to stikers that can be added to the photo in a very simple way and among the best classified is B612.

*Personal profile: when we open the application it asks us to log in to the application, all with the purpose of having a profile where we can save our photographs and other users with the same application can appreciate our creations. However, at the moment we can omit this option and then configure it in the settings of it.

*Edit everything: when we start using the application, the front camera opens directly with the option to take a picture or use the gallery to edit a picture we have taken with the phone's native camera application. Giving the same opportunities and advantages of editing as if it were a selfie.

*Adjust before taking the photo: even before making the photo we can make adjustments such as brightness, place a filter, frame for the photo, among other very useful options.

At the moment we have the application open with the front camera activated, we can adjust a collage option which indicates the shape and order of the collage, when making the captures with the camera they are automatically positioned in the collage as indicated.

Although it starts with the front camera, we can also switch to the rear camera if we want better stability or we are taking a photograph of some object. Among the options that the application gives us, we have the tactile option where with touching any part of the screen the photograph is executed.

Also we can configure the application for an automatic save where all the photos we take are going to wait directly in the gallery. Among other brightness settings that range from the sharpness of the camera to the contrast.

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