AZ Recorder
AZ Recorder

Most of the time we need to store something in our mobile device for some reason, either to remember it later or just keep it in order to show it to someone else in the future, hence the question How am I going to save it ?, AZ Screen Recorder is the solution.

 This is a screen recorder, that is, it will capture everything that is on the screen of your mobile device, either to send it to a friend, make a video tutorial explaining anything or record and draw on the video in course to share it and upload it to social networks.

* Interface: It has a simple and elegant interface where we will find four buttons which has the function to start recording, adjust the screen options, access the saved file folder and exit the application.

 * Video quality: Within the same application, in settings we can configure the output quality of the video that we are going to record, so that it is reproduced in the best definition that the device can give. 

 * Signaling: The app will notify you when you are recording and when not, when it is paused and when not, in the upper left corner in the notification bar you will find a notification flashing in itself, that is one of the ways in which the App tells you that it is recorded, otherwise it is blinking is that it is slow,

It should be noted that it is an excellent work tool if you are a YouTuber that is constantly recording tutorial is or if you are a game and you need to record the screen of your device to share your games of the video games.

 You only need an Android device with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher and with enough storage space to save all the videos you make and share.

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