If you need to protect your accounts and do not know how Authy is the ideal application for you, because through this you can obtain a special security factor. With the Authy application you can create two-step verification tokens for your favorite accounts on your mobile device or tablet and protect yourself from hackers.

Obtaining Authy is very easy and currently it is necessary to have this type of applications since it gives you greater comfort and security, take care that only you are the only one that has access to your data.

* Double verification: This double verification factor is used to guarantee security to any online account, Authy works so that it can be specifically verified that only the owner is the one who is actually using the account and not a hacker.

* External factors: To fulfill the verification task in two steps, external factors are used, such as: receiving a text message to your phone with a code, an email, scanning a QR code. The simplest way and with the best security is through your phone number.

* Special protection: Authy is designed so that only the owner of the account has access to it, so if you find an unusual movement you can check again to verify that it is not a hacker.

Authy is an application that everyone should have on the mobile since it avoids any type of fraud, they use your identity to commit crimes or they simply steal your personal information.

This application offers additional security for almost all types of accounts that are online and that most have on their smartphones such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Dropbox, Paypal, among others.

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