There are video games that simply catch us with just seeing their graphics, design and artistic level that they have. Astra is a case like that because it has a visual level that turns your screen into a work of art.

This video game is recreated in space and has a main character named Hemera who visits different planets and solar systems. In this wonderful adventure you must fight against different characters as dangerous creatures and also face several traps.

*Graphics: Astra is a pretty addictive game that has incredible graphics created by the illustrator Laia Arqueros. It also has a soundtrack that makes them fit very well.

*Protagonist: Our main character is Hemera, is recognized for being armed with a helmet while running. At no time will stop running, therefore you must make it jump to dodge the enemies of each planet. When falling on a dangerous creature you can eliminate it.

*Levels: This wonderful puzzle game has 30 levels that as you go more advanced is its difficulty. In each level you must obtain as many points as possible since this way you can unlock the following levels.

Astra is a game full of adventure in which you must help the goddess Hemera to fight in the dark and discover wonders in this universe. Have fun defying the laws of physics and defeat all the horrible creatures that have stolen all the light.

There are many users who have downloaded this game on their devices as well as being free it is addictive and very easy to play since the controls are very simple, with just a touch you start to mobilize without any problem. Download Astra and let your graphics surprise you.

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