Asphalt 8
Asphalt 8

Car racing games are very common in app stores, having all kinds and each with its own characteristics that impart the variety of them. Taking into account that the quality of these is also different and can be reproduced better in one device than another.

When we talk about a racing application the least we expect is several tracks and several cars that can be purchased, either with money in the game or the application has integrated purchases. But when we talk about Asphalt 8: Airborne we realize that an application of this type can offer us much more.

With an incredible field of cars and tracks, access your favorite races and beat the best times with the cars you acquire throughout history in different tracks from different parts of the world, all in one application.

*The stars are worth: when you perform a race, depending on your position in the score you accumulate stars. These are the ones that allow you to unlock new tracks and continue in the different chapters of the game.

*Different modes of play: apart from ls conventional modes of race by position and time trial, we also have game modes per circuit, a single course, a way of elimination called "Infected" where the last runner acquires the infection and must infect to the rest before a certain number of seconds before exploding.

*Many environments: for each chapter several cities are established and for each the type of game is also varied. Adding that the difficulty of the race will vary compared to the level of the car you have.

*Cars by lot: buy the amount of cars you want and store them to use in the races. The cost will depend on the quality of the car and then you can sell it but for a much smaller amount.

Cars are classified by class, for example, those of the "S" class are the most expensive but the fastest. After buying them you can make improvements of all kinds, from car performance and rose on the asphalt as paint and visual styles.

Create your own profile with a preset icon and stay connected with other competitors to measure the level of your cars or how many stars you have. It has an online platform where you can enter rooms where races are offered by players within it, within these races you can earn extra extra money than you can get in history.

The competition can be made more interesting between the acrobatic shortcuts of the race tracks or having the possibility of disarticulating a car with only envestirlo at high speeds with the nitro activated, if you do not have this activated you can also delay due to a collision.

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