Working in large companies always requires a lot of order and discipline, but what happens when not all workers have the same thought or do not pursue the same goal. It is there when a leader intervenes.

In this opportunity we bring an application that will make life easier for the leaders of your company. This is Asana, a tool that manages group work in an orderly manner and in record time. Keep reading to find out about the latest business technology.

* Tasks: to start, we must mention that Asana works basically ordering tasks by priority and time. The user in charge of the application can enter as many jobs as needed and share this information with team members. This team can be up to 15 people.

* Design: Asana has a fairly easy to use interface with a minimalist design, which makes it very pleasing to the eye. Once you download Asana you will not want to stop using it because it is really diligent. It will keep all your team focused and working for the same goal.

* Free: Asana is a totally free application, which you can download in the corresponding electronic store. However, it has a Premium version, which is available for a small fee.

Working as a team has never been so easy and fun, with Asana all leaders have the opportunity to organize their goals and make their teammates work for it. The results will be sensational.

One of the things that people like most is that the application sends notifications to the members of the groups, besides allowing to be tagged in certain publications and to be able to make comments in them. Do not hesitate and download Asana on your mobile device for free.

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