Ares Gratis Musica
Ares Gratis Musica

When we want to download music we do not always have a computer on hand to comfortably search for the artist of our interest or specific song. Surfing the web in search of a song can be something simple but from many existing pages we could find or not what we are looking for.

However, there are options for those who do not have the time to sit down on a PC and search on your mobile to access the songs of your interest online or even the artist you are looking for. Ares Online is the perfect application for this task.

As such, the PC program "Ares" is years old and for any adult this name is very recognizable when it comes to downloading music. Noting that this application has no problems with viruses or malware because it has been previously treated and improving the search engine of a reliable server.

*Simple to use: when you start the application you will see a user interface very easy to use, in the beginning we have the typical search engine where we must enter the name of the song or artist.

*Many options: when searching for an artist we see many of his songs, which vary from titles to different weights in Mb for the same song.

*Multiservice: with this application you have the option to directly download the song or listen to it online, it has a built-in music player that makes it easy to listen to the song via streaming.

*Organize your files: the weight of audio files are between 4 and 6 Mb, in the settings section of the application we can see the history of downloading songs. The content is downloaded in a folder of the application but through a file manager you can move them.

Previously, Ares had a very bad reputation regarding the incidence of viruses, the program on PC showed too many options of thousands of servers and this lent itself to the spread of malicious software on computers. But this does not mean that your mobile application has the same problem.

When searching for songs, we have three options: download, play via streaming and also redirect to the page where the file is located. It offers comfort to be able to choose the size of the song, since many options could appear with respect to a song but varying its size.

This application is lightweight and does not tend to be a burden on the system, available on multiple platforms, it is frequently updated to give the best content to users.

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