Some people are not ordered enough for some things and others if, these people should ask for help from anyone close to guide them in what they are doing and correct them if they are wrong, mostly happens with the use of the mobile phone, Since grandparents are acquiring the phones of their children and grandchildren, it makes it difficult for him to use himself. is an excellent multitasking application that will help you sort and organize the multitasking bar very easily, for when you need to access any option do it fast enough and without wasting time going to settings and without being able to find it.

* Synchronization: If we have more than one electronic device, we can access our list of tasks and planning of which we have already done, without losing any configuration established the first time.

 * Planning: It has a section where it will allow us to configure the exact time and moment in which we want you to send us a notification to let us know what we have to do and thus comply with the daily planning. 

 * Shopping List: Most people forget the things they are going to buy at the supermarket, be it a carrot, a potato, a ham or a cheese among many things, allows you to create hours before going To the supermarket a shopping list to which you will cross out when you grab an object and in this way you will not forget anything.

It should be noted that is a very complete application for forgetful people since with the help of this they will not forget anything and they will be able to accomplish everything they set out to do in the day, of course, you can advance task by making the list of tasks of the next days of the week.

 You only need an Android or IOS device that has enough storage space available to download without any problem and to have a more orderly and organized life with

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