Angry Birds
Angry Birds

The theme of a game has a very important role for its success and although there are some people who do not like the popular or commercial, it is inevitable to be absorbed by the greatness of this application. Applications that involve animals are difficult to be successful but when they do it in a different way to others it becomes very interesting.

That is why Angry Birds differs both in theme and game science as it shows us animals in a way not used to seeing them, they are a kind of circle that preserves the main characteristics of the creature leaving it in an original and recognizable way, being treated only of birds and other species such as pigs.

Have fun advancing level by throwing these furious birds in a kind of inn to the structures and buildings where the enemy is, which you have to hit directly with the furious bird or indirectly to fall a block or wood from another site.

*Ascending levels: the difficulty of the levels will increase as you go forward, you must work intelligently with the directed aim and the type of bird that you throw to be able to hit all the targets.

*Different worlds: although at first a tropical landscape with wooden structures appears, little by little the construction materials change and these go from rocks to pieces of ice. Each one has a way to treat itself and you must use the right bird for it.

*Share with your friends: in this application you have the opportunity to share on social networks such as Facebook the status of your profile, compare it with your friends and position yourself on the chart as the best in your social circle.

There are many types of birds in this game and each has a special power, not all can with the same kind of structure, for example, there is one that makes it easier to break the ice than others; so the decision and smart team corresponds on your part.

You have opportunities to launch birds and they do not change unless you want to continue the level by dispensing some money for one or two other opportunities. Otherwise, if at the end of the bird's ammunition you still do not finish all the enemies, then you will lose the round.

Usually when you throw the last bird, its impact unleashes a chain of landslides that can help you to emerge victorious from the level, so that the reproduction of these events does not allow the level to be officially completed in case it happens that the last enemy is crushed for some rubble.

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