Anchor is an application specialized in podcasting, which allows you to create, publish, listen, share and download audios. It is a "custom radio" through which users have the possibility of accessing audible material.

This same application has been used innumerable times in the artistic medium because it is excellent when recording telephone interviews. In the same way, it is very present in social networks, where it is possible to share the content directly.

* Audios: the application allows you to record audios with our voice with a very good quality.

* Connected audios: Anchor allows users to add music to their stations from Spotify or Apple Music. Likewise, it is possible to upload telephone interviews.

* Option to share: in this application it is possible to share the content so the links that can be visited are displayed to access the audios that are published in the profiles.

* Direct access: to use Anchor you do not necessarily have to create an account, it can be accessed using our Facebook or Twitter account in order to do it much faster.

* Design: this application has a very simple design that will allow users to record, publish, share and download audios in the easiest way possible.

* Discussion forums: the most significant feature of Anchor is that users interact in a much more intimate and sincere way, because through audios they can express their points of view on various controversial issues and share it with the rest of the users, This form creates discussion forums in which millions of people participate.

Anchor has undoubtedly represented an invaluable tool in this age of technology, allowing news to be disseminated much more quickly and giving journalists a very easy way to create bases for new stories.

This social network has managed to connect millions of people from all over the world who dare to share their idiosyncrasies, opinions and perspectives with other users.

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