Amazon Shopping
Amazon Shopping

This is an application that Amazon took to allow its users to search, make price comparisons, read opinions from other users and place orders directly from their mobile devices.

Thanks to this application you can now enter any of the Amazon pages without having to download any other application. This application can be obtained through devices that have an Android or IOS operating system.

* Interface: The best advantage of this application is that it has an easy to use interface since it is quite simple and fast, with it you can make your purchases without losing time.

* Security: This is an application that guarantees security since all purchases made from Amazon mobile are made through Amazon's secure servers in the same way that happens through Amazon web.

* Scanning: It gives you the advantage of scanning the barcode to find exactly the price, the corresponding product and the availability that you have anywhere and at any time. It also has the option to follow the status of an order you have made recently without necessarily using a computer.

* Access: All Amazon customers have the possibility to see their entire profile through the application; Your shopping cart, wish list, order history, payment and shipping options as well as the benefits of the premium subscription.

Amazon with this application has facilitated and streamlined purchases by having more than 100 million people have it downloaded to their mobile device, each time improving the services they offer and gaining customers from all over the world.

With this application you do not have to be constantly reviewing as it sends you notification of any event, such as when you add a product with a next offer to the wish list you will notify when it is available. A great advance to improve your purchases.

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