Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a non-free service offered by the Amazon company that gives advantages and comfort to buyers who obtain this subscription and not be with the typical Amazon paying shipping among other things and more.

 On the other hand, you can access a trial period of about 30 days to know the feeling of Amazon Prime and know if it is worth investing your money in this subscription, which will give you free shipping on some of the products promoted by Amazon, not for additional costs that may be paid by the typical Amazon customer.

* Fast and simple: You only need to supply all your data to the subscription to obtain the precious Amazon prime.

 * Discount: This subscription offers you discounts on Amazon parts that you previously needed, such as discounts on same day shipments, discounts on shipments of 6 to 9 business days, discounts on some products with active subscription among many others. 

 * Delivery speed: Thanks to Amazon Prime you can accelerate the delivery of your purchase without any cost, however, the typical customer without Amazon Prime would have to pay for this great advantage.

It is worth mentioning that Amazon Prime has been one of the best advantages that the Amazon company has been able to create and when they saw that they did very well, they created Amazon music, Amazon video, suggested as a project to make the delivery of the products be made with drones if you subscribed to Amazon Air.

 This wonderful subscription has a payment plan of 36 euros per year or otherwise pay 4.99 euros per month, it depends on you if you are a frequent Amazon buyer and you should have the Amazon Prime the full year and otherwise It would be better to pay 5 euros per month.

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