For fans of agility games, which require you to think a little more and those that have to be solved in the shortest possible time, here comes Amaze, which is a great puzzle game that will take you out of boredom at any time and where you are, either by doing the boring line to buy or go to the bank or simply mind if you have free time.

 This game has a single mode that is "Fill all the boxes", that is, on the screen you will be leaving a kind of labyrinth to which you must fill with the ball you control, either sliding up, sliding towards down or sliding sideways.

* Controls: The truth is that the controls are extremely easy since you only have to place your finger on the screen and wait for the level to start so you can fill in all the empty spaces.

 * Infinities of Worlds: In addition to being an easy game at the beginning, you will realize that it is not what it seems as you go up in level, in which you must think a little further and solve it. 

 * Use of Apps simultaneously: Account with the possibility of using other apps in the background while you try to pass the levels, that is, you can have your active music player and listen to your best album while you play.

It should be noted that Amaze will be one of the best options to download from your store because apart from taking you out of boredom you can invite your friends to play it as well and compete to see who arrives faster at a specific level.

 To download Amaze you only need to have an Android or IOS smart device, with enough storage space available to download it from PlayStore and AppStore, which are the corresponding stores of those companies.

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