AliExpress is the application of a virtual store that allows users to obtain products at factory price shipped directly from China. These products are not limited to a single category, since on this site you will find everything from clothing to spare parts for your vehicle.

In the same way, it is possible to buy wholesale and retail, that is, it is not necessary to order an exorbitant amount of products because this store makes shipments from one unit regardless of the product you want.

*Free account: each user can register in the AliExpress application for free, which will allow them access to where they buy to the largest.

*Easy and safe: buying from the store application will be much easier than on the web, because it has a simple and interactive design, it is also much safer.

*Exclusive providers: one of the advantages of this application is that it connects you with suppliers from China only, so a direct purchase is made without misunderstandings.

*Safe money: this application has a special configuration for the purchase and sale of products, since the payment of the same is not delivered to the seller immediately, on the contrary, the app only releases it at the moment the buyer receives the product and expresses its agreement with it.

*Claims: users who are not satisfied with their packages can make immediate claims so that the seller does not receive the purchase money until they become responsible for the defects of the product.

AliExpress has become one of the favorite shopping apps for millions of users around the world. Thanks to its incredibly low prices, purchases in physical stores have been replaced by online purchases.

One of the things that buyers like the most is the delivery option, because AliExpress does them by air so they are very fast and safe and as if that were not enough, sometimes they offer free deliveries depending on the size of the product.

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