Alien Blackout
Alien Blackout

For lovers of suspense games and a bit of terror here comes Alien Blackout with a great story where you must guide the 4 engineers who came to your ship to rescue you and get out of there, of course without the frightening Xenoform killing them. 

 This is a strategy game where a bad decision will lead you to lose one of the engineers who came to help you. You are one of the crew that was stranded in space without help and sending messages of help to be saved, the engineers received their message, it is up to you if they all come out alive including you.

* Graphics: It has some very good graphics since the franchise has worked with this type of games before and, of course this game to be launched recently has one of the best. 

 * Strategy: The key to this game is knowing what to do and where to go, plus a key point is the sound because if you use headphones you will have more control and know where the Xenoform can be. 

  * Controls: the controls are very intuitive, although they are probably many, they are relatively easy to control. On the left side of the screen you will have the heart rate of the engineers, at one end you will have the life time left to the ship, on the other the pause button, in the whole center the map and with accessibility to choose which camera to use .

You have to take into account that engineers have no idea what is happening in the ship because of it, you must keep them alert so they do not die and know where they need to go and they can fix the ship. 

 A very important point that must be highlighted is that being a long-awaited game, the creators have put payment, that is, it has a cost of 5.48 euros. But without a doubt you will not lose your money investing it in this great game.

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