Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop

There are many applications for editing images and photos, ranging from collages or adding stikers to those that deform the image and cut sections. These applications are usually light and have some special feature.

This application is taken from an application store of developers who have released the official application of the most popular editing tool in its category. It is considered the most complete for mobile since it introduces specific features of the PC tool.

Although with this application you will not edit as powerfully as on a PC, in one way or another, it behaves in a professional manner by offering a large series of tools that are not found in other editing applications. And the more practice you have with the application, the better your editions will be.

*Use of layers: the peculiar layers of Photoshop come to this application, we have 4 layers in which we can insert content and then put everything together in the same template. In these layers we can add from images to written text with the movement of the fingers.

*Create new content: when creating a new file we have different options such as grabbing the image of the phone's library, from "Creative Cloud" that would become the cloud of the application, take a picture with the camera or simply a blank document.

*Many editing options: when we create a blank document, the main options are: cut, copy, copy combined, paste, delete, select all, select pixels, deselect, invert, fade, transform, refine edges and show pointers. It also has options to adjust filters to the image and other basic settings such as specific artistic filters.

We have the option to undo the work done with the push of a button, when we take a picture automatically a blank document is created based on the recently taken picture. You can resize, crop, rotate, expand and all in one layer.

The intensity of the filters can be adjusted, from the softest to its full effect. By using another layer you can add text, you have options that go from the type of letter to the color of the text and in the same way you can expand it or turn it on an axis.

When saving your edits or works, these will appear on the main screen of the application, but to save them as such in the gallery with a recognizable image format for the phone, press on the export option which gives you three alternatives: load Creative Cloud, save in gallery and share.

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