Rain? Sun? With this application you can check the weather conditions of the area where you are in a matter of seconds, you will have all the information you need at your fingertips.

To obtain this information, you can enter all the location data manually in the application or simply use GPS to recognize the location.

*Easy: as you read it! This application has a design that is not complicated since you enter the data of the area of your preference and you will get all the information of the site or somewhere you want to visit in the future also has alerts if the weather is severe and even severe between others.

*Application: it has satellite image where you will visualize the site in real conditions, its data processor offers you the opportunity to show infographic content, the degree of cloudiness, risk of storms, UVA forecast and about the dew point.

*Configuration: you can customize it to your liking and configure the language of your preference also takes up less space on your device this leaves more room for other applications, videos and music, an excellent quality when we refer to Apps.

Control the weather? That is the only thing that this fantastic application can not offer you but it allows you to know the exact weather that you are doing that same day or another in special thanks to its forecasting system so you can plan your future activities without any worries.

Now nothing unexpected can surprise you if you have Accuweather in your hands to create unforgettable moments in the open air and enjoy the information it has, in addition millions of users already have their services for their effectiveness and credibility.

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