There are many people who prefer games in which the brain is exercised. For this there are different applications that challenge knowledge; For a long time these question and answer games have been of the genres with the most acclaim from the users.

94% It is the ideal game to spend your free time, challenge your knowledge and compete with other users. This application turns knowledge into fun and gives you a wonderful option to enjoy alone, with your friends or with your family at any time.

* Objective: The objective of this game is to guess 94% of the answers of each of the tasks. The idea is not to get the correct answer but to get the word that the other players in the community would place, the only requirement is that the word is related to the question received.

* Challenging: 94% is a game full of challenges, one of these is that you must respond as quickly as possible since the application requests it in each task. The most advisable thing is that you respond with the first thing that comes to your mind, the first thing that occurs to you so you do not waste time.

* Questions: The questions of the game are varied, sometimes to receive a simple word, an image or even a phrase. Do not worry if you feel you are not advancing in the game; You can request tracks in the application with the coins and if you spend them all you can buy more with real money.

With 94% you can spend hours of fun overcoming all the difficulties of all levels. This application is full of intellectual challenges that will test your ability to solve challenges under pressure. The best part is that it has a simple interface that does not need many instructions.

This amazing game you can get on your favorite mobile devices for free; There are already many users especially Android and iOS who enjoy this wonderful game. Do not waste more time and run to download 94%.

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