8Bit Photo Lab
8Bit Photo Lab

Although we are already quite advanced in the second millennium, the fashions that we all met in the 80s are still very present in our hearts. It is so much the influence that this time exerts in what we know today, that even the filters of the applications always look to give a vintage style to our photographs.

8 Bit Photo Lab is an application that comes to relive those magical moments of the 80s, by giving a retro style and video game of that time to our photographs, in order to impress our friends and give a very original touch to our feed of Instagram.

* Filters and colors: with 8 Bit Photo Lab you will achieve photographs that seem to have traveled through time, since it has filters and more than 40 colors on its palette, which resemble video games on GameBoy, NES, TO7 / 70 and Apple II.

* Quality: although it is obvious that at that time we did not have the technology that we know today, the pixels of our photos will not be affected with this application. Regardless of the size and quality and sharpness of your photo, 8 Bit Photo Lab finds a way to give you the result you're waiting for.

* Interface: 8 Bit Photo Lab has a very friendly interface, which will allow users to quickly familiarize themselves with their options and tools, so it will not be necessary to see a tutorial to carry out an edition in this app.

You can download 8 Bit Photo Lab for free in Play Store or App Store, depending on your mobile device. This is your chance to give the best retro touch to your photos and surprise your friends with this style that is here to stay.

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