4 fotos 1 palabra
4 fotos 1 palabra

A game application can entertain for different reasons, either because it is very funny, has a good story or simply makes us use logic a lot. When it comes to a genre of strategist like the latter, no matter how much the game method is the same, it does not bore at all.

The use of logic can be difficult at certain times and although for many it is not so, the application "4 photos 1 Word" shows us exactly that. Available for many platforms, discover how to associate images to form a word which is the answer to the level.

Dare to cross this adventure of many levels being each more difficult than the previous, share your achievements with friends in social networks and use your wits to find the right word at all times.

*4 images: as the name implies, in each level appear 4 images that may not have a relationship with each other apparently but all lead to indicate a word in common. In this screen of images we can also see the number of letters of the word to fill and the letters available below. There are always 12 random letters to be able to discover the word.

*Coin of the game: it does not have a name as such but the gold obtained in each word can be used to buy the option of help of the game that consists in filling a box of the word with a letter.

*Share: you have options to share the progress of your game on social networks including Facebook and Weechat. You can also share by means of messages in different messaging services to request help from your contacts and to see your status in the game.

On the game screen, you may not appreciate an image well; so selecting one will show you the image in full size so you can see it better. At the time of deleting the letters that you have placed in the section where the word is going, you can touch the box individually or press the box where a trash can appears to erase the entire word you put on.

When you start the game you start with a gold capital but as you progress level you get more. However, this amount you are receiving is very small and it is not profitable to be spending gold on wild cards without thinking enough first. It is even better to ask for help from friends so that when you really need to buy letters you have money left over.

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